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pursuit of fullness

today I’m full of…hostess gifts

having fun all summer often requires the obligatory hostess gift.  with just a little extra thought you can bring a basket that will both please your host and make all the other guests jealous of your thoughtful ingenuity!  

the “little rhody basket”

with presents, I always like to give a little representation of myself or something that speaks to the relationship I have with the person receiving the gift.  Sometimes the gift is something that symbolizes a shared hobby, or a favorite treat.  In this case I wanted to share something that was special to me, which of course, is my home state.  It has a fourth of July theme (as it was presented at a fourth of July party) and is filled with little rhody’s best gems: Newport Vineyards Wine, Catanzaro’s pepper biscuits, and Narragansett Creamery’s award winning cheese spread.

the “never-over-stay-your-welcome basket”

I made this basket for two of may favorite new yorkers that always so willingly allow me to crash at their apartment.  filled with all the amenities that I use of their’s the most, I figured they’d appreciate my re-filling of their stock.

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